2 Dream cloth dolls, Fabric Decor Dolls, Gift Toys


Have your dream cloth doll come true!
We believe all children should have a special handmade doll to call their own. This special cloth rag dolls are made from the finest, all-natural materials and being handmade with love.
Handmade by #jolly_elves #майстерня_веселих_ельфів
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Suitable for: children over 3 years old and home decor.
Material: linen, silk, cotton, wool yarn, alpaca/merino wool yarn, embroidery thread, hypoallergenic fiber filling.
We use 100% reclaimed/recycled fabrics and materials, we have lots of vintage floral prints fabrics, wool, linens, lace.
Size: approx. 8 inches / 20 cm.
Care: recommended to hand wash with mild soap carefully. Clean the surface leave it to dry by nature wind.
Package: wrapped with nice craft box.

If you have any questions, pls leave a message.

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Dimensions 8 × 5 × 3 in

#jolly_elves #майстерня_веселих_ельфів


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